Hi There!

I’m Ben, a hardworking, team oriented games programmer who strives to create captivating games, in the hopes that it gives others the same joy and wonder it gave me when growing up.


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I love working in teams and keeping busy

Over the years I’ve worked on several projects including:

  • Camp Fire (Rift/Go)
  • Candy Sort (Rift/Go)
  • Sticks and Stones (PC/Mac)
  • Coming and Going (PC/Mac)
  • Event Horizon (PC)
  • That’s a Paddlin’ (PC)
  • Taxi Sim (PC)

You can find these at my Itchio page



I’m a competent programmer and a fast learner

I have a strong mathematical and mechanical background. I chose this path because i love solving challenges and puzzles, naturally this led me to programming. I recognise that I don’t know everything, but I seek to improve my knowledge everyday.


The majority of my experience so far is in the following:

  • Languages: C#, JS, C++, CSS
  • Version Control Software: Git, Perforce
  • Project Management Tools: HackNPlan, Trello.
  • Software: Visual Studio, Photoshop, FMOD Studio.
  • Engines:  Unity