Personal Projects

Some personal projects I’ve worked on!

Event Horizon
PC adventure game.
Event Horizon is a procedural generated universe made for exploration

  • Sole programmer and designer
  • Started messing around with shaders
  • Really proud of my data structures for procedural generation


PC/Mac endless runner.

OVERDRIVE is an avoidance, retro / synth-wave themed endless runner for the PC/Mac.

  • Sole programmer and designer
  • Overall vision holder for the game. As the Founder I have touched every aspect of it’s development



PC/Mac Visualisation Tool.

Binary is a Visualisation Tool, still currently in development

  • Sole programmer and designer
  • Currently developing for someone in the games industry to use for an upcoming project (will update upon completion)


Taxi Sim

PC/Mac AI Simulation.

Taxi Sim is an AI Simulation i worked on during uni (Creature Feature)

  • Sole programmer and designer
  • Taxi’s have the goal to collect as much money in a day as possible through delivering fares around the city, however the taxi’s can lie to each other about the position of these fares.
  • Procedurally generates the map and terrain
    screen and states
  • Uses A* to control the taxis movement
  • States of the taxis are controlled using a GOAP system
    goap taxi brain



Android Puzzle game

BlockyRoad is a mobile puzzle game involving moving gridlocked cars

  • Sole programmer and designer
  • My first attempt at Android development