Studio 3: Serialisation

Recently we had a individual from the gaming industry talk about monetising games and show us the data and back ends of those games. Something that peaked my interested was the way he was managing loot changes and drop rates in game, through a google spreadsheet.

So i set about creating my own version, serialising and deserialising of data.
However instead of just making it do the thing and that being that, i thought i would have a little fun and make a little program.

This is what i intended it to do:

Untitled Diagram.png

So the process step by step;

  • Get data set (10k randomly generated numbers)
  • Sort the data based on a number of different algorithms
  • These are then visualised with a delay on the algorithm
  • Send the results ie. how long it took and the users hardware performance details to another spreadsheet.


Selection Sort


Insertion Sort


Heap Sort


I would show you bubble sort / bubble sort optimised but its way to slow to get in a gif in any decent format.

How it Works?


First i created a spreadsheet of ten thousand randomly generated numbers between zero and ten thousand. This information is published to web as a CSV


Using the CSV URL we grab the String from it


The String is split line by line and parsed as an int to a list

add to list.png


Results from the the program are sent through a google form


A new form is created and each field is filled with the appropriate data (the entry points for these can be found with the inspect element). It then sends this raw data to the form URL


The Results of this form are then collected into another google spreadsheet



The end?

I’m going to be making some tweaks to try and reflect the performance difference between computers because at the moment i think its limited by visuals, i will make updates as i do them.

If you want to try out the program for yourself

Find it here

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